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Mebane police dogs now on duty


Mebane has bought the two dogs needed to re-start its canine program and completed the training of the dogs and their two police handlers. Mebane police chief Terry Caldwell told The Alamance News that the canine units are now ready for service.

Joining the force and ready for calls are: “Endy,” a German Shepherd who is the partner of sergeant R. Ward; and “Rex,” a Belgian Malinois, who works with officer B. Coats.

[Story continues below photographs of the officers and their canine partners.]

     “Endy” & “Rex” training with their human partners

 “Endy,” a German Shepherd who is the partner of sergeant R. Ward.

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“Rex,” a Belgian Malinois, is working with officer B. Coats.

Mebane’s previous use of canines lapsed last August, but chief Caldwell asked the city council in January to authorize $30,755.70 to re-start the program.

Caldwell says the new dogs are certified in patrol; narcotics detection; tracking; article searches; building searches; and apprehension.

In adding back its canine unit, Mebane joins Graham and Burlington municipal forces which have one and four dogs, respectively.  The sheriff’s office also has six canine units.

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