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Back-to-back COVID cases in Alamance County courts

The office of senior resident superior court judge Tom Lambeth has sent out two notices within the last week, informing the public of recent COVID-19 diagnoses among two people who work in the county’s judicial facilities.

In addition to his role as Alamance County’s senior resident superior court judge, Lambeth is also serving as the Covid-19 coordinator for the local court system.

Last Wednesday’s (July 21) release said the infected individual was last in Alamance County court facilities on July 15 and was diagnosed last Wednesday, according to Lambeth’s office.

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A subsequent release issued by Lambeth’s office (Thursday, July 22) stated that a second infected individual had been in court facilities as recently as last Thursday, July 22, and was diagnosed the same day.

In both cases, the locations where the individuals had worked (which were not identified) have been “cleaned and disinfected in accordance with Alamance County health Department, CDC, and EPA protocols and guidance,” according to Lambeth’s office.

While not narrowing the location of either individual, Lambeth’s memo suggests, “All persons who were in these facilities during [the respective time frames] are strongly encouraged to self-monitor for the symptoms of COVID-19.”

Meanwhile, it was stated during an unrelated court hearing this week that Alamance County chief district court judge Brad Allen was out because of Covid-19.

And on Tuesday, Lambeth reinstituted the requirement for face masks in county court buildings.  “Effective immediately,” he said in light of new CDC guidance of that date, “in all courtrooms and common areas of the Alamance County Courthouses all persons will be required to resume wearing face coverings. This will also include individual offices or workspaces when members of the public enter those offices or workspaces.”

Lambeth’s only caveat was that the new order “will not apply to any ongoing jury trials currently in operation.”

Signs are posted at the entrance to each of the three county court buildings, notifying visitors that everyone must wear a mask.

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