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Remedial lesson: new high school was to relieve overcrowding, not prolong it

We’re not sure where remedial education is needed more – among some members of the Alamance-Burlington school board or among some of the school...

Elon town council philosophy: waste a little, waste a lot

Most people are familiar with the famous quote, usually attributed to Ben Franklin, that people should not be “pennywise and pound foolish,” which has...

A textbook police chief

Two years ago, we were remiss in not commenting on the intended and announced retirement of Mebane police chief Terry Caldwell. Fortunately, our oversight was...

Left-wing, socialist rhetoric plentiful locally – at county’s health department

Rarely have we, the public, or local elected officials been subjected to as much left-wing tripe as we observed Monday night during Mebane’s city...

Valleyfield ethics?

Readers of this page will recognize that the newspaper has been fairly consistent, and insistent, that public officials should not be involved in issues...