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BREAKING SAT.: ABSS school openings delayed for another week, until Sept. 11 because of mold


More mold discovered at four more schools, including toxic mold at two

Alamance-Burlington school officials have announced a decision to postpone the opening of school for the 2023-2024 school year for another week, now scheduling the first day of back to school for Monday, September 11, two weeks beyond the original August 28 start date.

Mold remediation efforts continued across the school system on Saturday, but more toxigenic mold – the most serious variety – has been discovered at two more schools since the school board and county commissioners adjourned a joint meeting at 5:00 p.m. on Friday.  At that point, seven schools had been identified with toxigenic mold, now bringing the total to nine schools with toxigenic mold.

[Story continues below photos of ongoing mold cleanup in ABSS schools.]


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[Story continues below list of schools where mold was confirmed on Friday and Saturday, September 1 and 2.]

Toxic mold has now been confirmed at North Graham Elementary (which hadn’t even been on the list of schools with a mold problem on Friday) and Western High School (where further analysis indicates the presence of toxic mold), according to the school system’s update of conditions on Saturday afternoon.

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Workers were at Graham High School on Saturday, one of nine schools were the more toxic variety of mold has been discovered. Several vans and two trailers were visible throughout most of the day.]

Four more schools were added to the list of schools where mold was discovered since Friday: E.M. Yoder, North Graham, Hillcrest, and Smith elementary schools, bringing the total number of schools with mold issues to 31.

[Story continues below chart of comprehensive list of ABSS schools where mold has been confirmed.]

The commissioners authorized funding for heating and air conditioning cleaning at the previously identified seven schools with toxic mold, in addition to the removal of all mold in the respective schools.

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