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114 West Elm Street
Graham, NC 27253
Ph: 336.228.7851

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Monthly Archives: November 2020

Candidates for GOP commissioner appointment begin to line up

The election of Amy Scott Galey to North Carolina’s state senate will leave a conspicuous hole on Alamance County’s board of commissioners, where Galey has served as the board’s chairman for the past several years. Although Galey won’t have to vacate her current position until...

Board considers stricter rules for granting road closures after residents complain about Elon University’s repeated shut-downs of Haggard Avenue

Elon's board of aldermen floated the idea of new rules on road closures for "special events" after hearing complaints from residents over the repeated shut-down of East Haggard Avenue for Elon University gatherings. Since October, the university has submitted five requests to have the roadway,...

Graham could get 65 townhouses near Bethany Presbyterian Church

  A Raleigh homebuilder is looking to build 65 townhouses off South Main Street near Bethany Presbyterian Church. Glenwood Homes has several other Alamance County developments, including the Villas at Southwick (south of Graham), a similar townhouse development to the new one proposed within the city,...

Alamance Arts Council’s director to retire at end of year

Setting up the Alamance Arts Council’s annual Christmas exhibition hasn’t left the council’s director, Cary Worthy, much time to reflect on his final holiday season at the helm. The planning, constructing, decorating, and going back and forth from the council’s stately home, the Captain White...

If anyone knows what time it is, Bud Coleman does!

After almost three decades repairing and collecting antique clocks, Burlington businessman Bud Coleman is ready to sell off his expansive stock. For his first 30 years in the roofing business as the proprietor of Coleman Roofing, which he runs with wife Judy, the 83-year-old said...

Outgoing conservative GOP commissioner dies following Thanksgiving stroke

County commissioner William H. "Bill" Lashley, 75, a 22-year veteran of the Alamance County board of commissioners who did not seek re-election this year, died at Cone Hospital early Saturday morning after a Thanksgiving night stroke, according to family members. Lashley has served most of...

BREAKING SUN. AFTERNOON: Marchers attempt to block Alamance News video coverage of Drumwright in Graham

About a dozen of Rev. Greg Drumwright's 170 or so supporters present at the Sunday afternoon march in downtown Graham attempted to prevent The Alamance News from filming Rev. Drumwright's speech in front of the J.B. Allen,Jr. Court House on West Elm Street, holding...

Graham without a Crissman family doctor for first time in 75 years

  by Kristy Bailey, Alamance News Staff Writer For the first time in 75 years, Graham will be without a Crissman family doctor. Dr. Mark Crissman – whose father, Dr. Clinton Crissman, in 1946 founded Crissman Family Practice, now located at 214 East Elm Street in Graham...

Movie maker in Graham? You bet, he’s Cornelius Muller and he’s busier than ever

Even as the film industry has been brought to a standstill over the past several months, Graham filmmaker Cornelius Muller seems to be more at work than ever. With one movie under production, another soon to be released, and a long-awaited dream of teaching finally...

Mayor’s participation in march raises councilman’s hackles

Burlington’s mayor Ian Baltutis may not have been one of the 23 people who wound up in the klink during the chaotic aftermath of Saturday’s “march to the polls” in Graham. But Baltutis, who had been one of the march’s more prominent participants, hasn’t gotten...



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