Alamance taps Caswell planning director to run its own planning department

Alamance County’s planning department is about to get a new chief to replace its former director who left for greener pastures over the summer.

According to Alamance County’s manager Heidi York, the county’s new planning director Matthew Hoagland will begin his new gig with the county on Monday, October 2.

“He is a North Carolina native and a graduate of Western Carolina University,” York went on to reveal in a recent announcement about Hoagland’s selection. “He most recently served as the planning director in Caswell County, where he has worked since 2018.

“We are excited to welcome Matthew to Alamance County,” the county manager added, “and look forward to introducing him to our community and team.”

As the county’s new planning director, Hoagland will be picking up the baton from Tonya Caddle, who had doubled as planning and inspections director prior to her departure from the county’s employ about two months ago. York stressed that Hoagland will only inherit Caddle’s responsibilities over the county’s planning department since her dual role had been a temporary expedient by a previous county manager who had found himself without an inspections director.

“He never cut the inspections director position,” she added. “He basically just used some of the money budgeted for the inspections director to compensate [Caddle] for her double role. When she left, we decided to go back to having two separate positions, and we’re advertising right now for a new inspections director.”