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And Elon wonders why it has a parking problem?


Sometimes we wonder how government survives without spending thousands and thousands of dollars on government “consultants.”

We were amused by the conversation at Elon’s town council meeting this week as consultants tried to assure town council members that they have plenty of downtown parking spaces. It’s just those lazy residents who don’t want to have to walk around the corner or down the street; they want to park in front of their destination.

Doesn’t everyone?

It shouldn’t take thousands of dollars, but rather a simple ride down the street to see a couple of reasons that the town of Elon has a parking problem.

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The town has agreed to close down at least two parking spaces in order to allow outside dining in front of one cafe (see above photo). Another whole street has been blocked off that takes away both needed parking spaces and the flexibility to circle the block if a resident couldn’t find one the first time around (see photo at left).

[Editorial continues below photos of downtown Elon.]

Before the town spends any more money on a grandiose “downtown plan,” a little common sense might go a long way in improving the town’s downtown and its parking: bring back the parking spaces you’ve removed.


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