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Area resident encourages county to publicize penalties for littering

A local anti-littering activist has asked Alamance County’s elected leaders to help stamp out litterbugs by publicizing the fines that residents may incur for the careless disposal of garbage.

James Walker took advantage of a designated public comment period on Monday in order to present this request to Alamance County’s board of commissioners.

During his appearance before the county’s governing board, Walker reminded the commissioners that, under state law, a ticket for littering could be accompanied by a fine of up to $1,000. He added that some area residents could very well incur such a penalty now that the local sheriff’s office has begun to crack down on littering – thanks, in part, to his own persistent pleas to the agency’s top brass.

James Walker

Walker went on to acknowledge that some of the citations which the sheriff’s office has recently issued have resulted from his own efforts to gather up garbage that’s jettisoned by vehicles on their way to Alamance County’s landfill.

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“Luckily, I found two names [among this roadside refuse],” he told the commissioners. “So, they got a rude awakening from the sheriff’s department.”

Walker proceeded to urge the county’s governing board to bring down the full weight of the law on the county’s litterbugs. He also suggested that the county should bring more attention to the potential penalties for littering in order to make the repercussions clearer to residents.

“Maybe you want to consider putting [it] in the newspaper – The Alamance News; everyone in the county looks to The Alamance News for what’s going on,” he added – “that there will be a charge for litter.”

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