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Burlington Christmas Parade Watchers

Thousands lined Front, Worth, Davis, and Spring streets, Lexington and Maple avenues, and down a long stretch of South Main Street toward Burlington City Park for Saturday’s Christmas Parade in Burlington this past weekend.

Perhaps relieved to have a resumed holiday atmosphere, on a cool, crisp fall day, most of the Covid-19 pandemic – which caused last year’s parade to be cancelled – seemed to be in the past, although some wore their masks, both in the parade and along the parade route.

Here are a sampling of pictures of the event. See additional photos of marching bands and other parade participants.

More Christmas Parade photos and videos:

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Clover Garden Marching Grizzlies (includes video):  https://alamancenews.com/clover-garden-school-marching-grizzlies-at-the-burlington-christmas-parade/

Eastern Alamance High School Marching Band (includes video):  https://alamancenews.com/eastern-alamance-high-school-marching-band-in-burlington-christmas-parade/

Southern Alamance High School Marching Band (includes video): https://alamancenews.com/southern-high-school-marching-band-at-the-burlington-christmas-parade/

Turrentine Middle School Marching Band (includes video): https://alamancenews.com/turrentine-middle-school-marching-band-and-cheer-squad-in-the-burlington-christmas-parade/

Western Alamance Middle School Marching Band:  https://alamancenews.com/western-alamance-middle-school-band-at-the-burlington-christmas-parade/

Western Alamance High School Marching Band (includes video): https://alamancenews.com/western-alamance-high-school-marching-band-in-burlington-christmas-parade/

Williams High School Marching Bulldogs (includes video): https://alamancenews.com/william-high-school-marching-bulldogs-in-burlington-christmas-parade/

Parade participants: https://alamancenews.com/in-the-burlington-christmas-parade/

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