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Commissioners create board to advise them on construction of court buildings

The county’s board of commissioners has agreed to create a committee to oversee the construction and renovation of various court buildings that the county has on the drawing board.

The new committee, which is to be headed by John Paisley, Jr., the chairman of Alamance County’s commissioners, received the board’s unanimous blessing during a regularly-scheduled meeting on Monday.

In addition to Paisley, who presented the plans for this committee to his fellow commissioners, the group’s members will also include the county’s senior resident superior court judge, the chief district court judge, the county’s clerk of superior court, the local district attorney, and the president of Alamance County’s bar association. Other positions have been set aside for Alamance County’s sheriff, the county manager, and the county attorney.

Paisley told the rest of the board of commissioners said that this committee will ultimately advise them on how to disperse funds that have already been set aside for the construction of new court buildings as well as a proposed renovation of the Judge J.B. Allen, Jr. Court House.

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“This is not a committee that will make the decisions,” he added. “This is a study committee that will bring information to this board.”

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