Commissioners officially appoint new county attorney to his position

The verdict was overwhelmingly favorable on Monday when Alamance County’s commissioners formally installed a new staff-attorney to head the county’s legal department.

During a regularly-scheduled meeting that morning, the commissioners unanimously appointed Greensboro native James F. “Rik” Stevens to the position of county attorney – which had been vacant ever since the commissioners sacked their previous legal counsel Clyde Albright in early October.

“I’m really excited about the opportunity,” Stevens said as he accepted his new assignment from the commissioners. “My own experience is in law enforcement, and I bring that commitment of excellence in working with elected officials.”

A one-time lawyer for the sheriff’s offices in Guilford and Chatham counties, Stevens told the commissioners that he has also pulled stints a sheriff’s deputy and a paramedic, which have given him insight into the day-to-day workings of emergency services. He added that he now looks forward to broadening his ken to include the other county departments that he’ll represent in his new role as county attorney.

During his introductory remarks, Stevens also shed light on the rather unorthodox nickname he uses even in an official capacity.

The new county attorney explained that the sobriquet “Rik” is actually short for his middle name “Frederick.” He added that the final “k,” without the penultimate “c,” was an upshot having parents who were ahead of their time in their penchant for creatively spelled names.

“I told my parents that it’s all well and good when you’re three,” the new county attorney went on to add, “but when you’re 30 and trying to be a working professional, it’s hard to explain. But I’ve held onto it, and it’s been okay.”