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Elon’s town clerk to retire after 21 years on the job

After the better part of two decades as Elon’s municipal clerk, DiAnne Enoch is preparing to hang up her keys to the town’s municipal building.

Yet, Enoch’s impending retirement, which takes effect when she clocks out for the last time on Thursday, has also inspired the town’s leaders to make a small gesture to remind the outgoing clerk that the door will forever remain open to her when she leaves.

To drive this point home, Elon’s mayor Emily Sharpe gave Enoch a symbolic key to the city – the first of its kind that she could recall any town staff member having received upon her departure from the municipality’s employ.

This ornamental keepsake was formally presented to Enoch in a short, but tear-filled ceremony that kicked off the council’s latest regularly-scheduled meeting on Monday. During this brief tribute, Sharpe and other members of the town’s leadership shared their recollections of the long-serving clerk, who actually began her 21-year tenure as the town’s tax collector a year or two before she took over as clerk.

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By the time the time Sharpe or any other current council member appeared on the scene, Enoch was already a past master of her craft – and a familiar face to anyone who had recurring business at Elon’s town hall.

Sharpe, for one, could recall how ubiquitous Enoch had been when she first joined the council as one of its regular members some six years ago.

“I remember the times you put the [agenda] packet together by hand,” she recounted, “and then had the police department deliver it to our door.”

Richard Roedner, Elon’s current town manager, also had fond recollections of the clerk that predated his own time on the municipality’s payroll.

“When I came to the building, she was the one who met up and escorted me up to the interview,” he said before addressing Enoch directly about the role she had played after he got the town manager’s gig. “That transition was remarkably easy, and thank you for making it so easy for me…Your service has been remarkable, and it will be appreciated.”

“You’ve always been a face of town hall that’s been welcoming,” agreed councilman Quinn Ray. “When you didn’t have an answer, you found an answer.”

“I just wanted to say thank you for all of your work,” added Randy Orwig, one of the junior-members of Elon’s town council.

Enoch held back any remarks of her own during this outpouring of sentiment on her behalf. But her surprise and pleasure were palpable enough to warrant a remark from the mayor about the contrast with Enoch’s usual sense of sangfroid.

“We finally got one past her,” she said as the clerk returned to the desk with her key.

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