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Even for Graham’s Jaylisa Lawson, providing ALL her team’s points was a new feat

By Bob Sutton

Special to The Alamance News

When Graham girls’ basketball player Jaylisa Lawson finished last week’s game against Eastern Alamance in the Tony Perrou Classic, it didn’t seem like anything unusual.

She put up a fair amount of points, but the Red Devils lost another game.

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Then coach Ashtenne Parker quizzed her team during a postgame recap, asking who had scored during the game. While it was obvious Lawson had been active offensively, none of the other Red Devils raised a hand.

That’s when members of the Graham team realized the junior guard had scored all of the Red Devils’ points in the 65-30 loss.

“I was floored,” Parker said.

The game itself didn’t seem out of the ordinary.

“It was just a normal game,” Lawson said.

It marked a season-high point total for Lawson, who has posted approximately 75 percent of Graham’s points this season.

Jaylisa Lawson

Lawson shrugged off the rate of production.

“Practicing and going over the same thing with Coach,” she said of her approach. “Just playing ball.”

Even with two previous lopsided losses to Eastern, Lawson was ready for the game on the neutral court at Southern Alamance.

“She took it so seriously,” Parker said.

This is Lawson’s first season with the Graham team. She previously played for Burlington-based Central Carolina Prep Defenders, who are a collection of players without a common school.

“I still wanted to play,” Lawson said of joining the Red Devils, who won only two of their first 14 games. “You put that aside and keep playing the game.”

Lawson, 17, is a 5-foot-7 player, making her the second-tallest on the team though she’s the primary ball handler.

Because she’s also the main point producer, it wasn’t a surprise that she poured in a bunch of points against Eastern.

“I didn’t realize it until the end of the game,” Eagles coach LeConnda Curry said of Lawson posting 100 percent of Graham’s points. “She worked hard for them.”

The Red Devils know they need offense from Lawson.

“She always had the green light,” Parker said. “We give them all the green light. Nothing else was falling (against Eastern).”

Graham has just seven players. That means Lawson almost never comes off the court.

“We’re trying to train other ball handlers to help her,” Parker said. “It has been a tough season.”

But not all has been lost.

“They’ve improved a lot,” Curry said. “They kept playing the whole game.”

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