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Felony charges follow driver’s near miss with sheriff’s deputy


A close shave with a deputy’s patrol car was merely the start of the trouble that awaited one incautious driver earlier this week.

Christian James Yarbor was ultimately charged with two felonies and a number of other offenses after the deputy he narrowly missed pulled him over shortly after midnight on Wednesday.

According to the office of Alamance County’s sheriff, the deputy had been following Yarbor’s white Camry along South Main Street in Graham when the driver slipped in and out of the center turn lane “nearly striking the deputy’s patrol car” in the process.

During the subsequent traffic stop, the 26-year-old black male of 619 Logan Lane in Liberty allegedly presented the deputy with a driver’s license whose photo clearly depicted somebody else. His apparent deception exposed, Yarbor was placed under arrest – at which point the deputy found 1.27 grams of methamphetamine in the suspect’s possession.

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Things only became worse for Yarbor when the deputy discovered that the driver was wanted for a parole violation related to an earlier drug trafficking conviction.

In the end, Yarbor was remanded to Alamance County’s jail on felony charges of identity theft and methamphetamine possession, in addition to the aforementioned parole violation. Yarbor has also received two traffic citation for unsafe movement and driving without a license. He has been placed under a $50,000 bond since his arrest.

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