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Glitch in billing prompts Elon to extend deadline for paying water bills to Halloween

The town of Elon has hit a glitch with its conversion to monthly billing for its water customers.

Historically, the town had used bi-monthly billing, but aldermen had determined to switch to a monthly billing cycle.

Rich Roedner, Elon’s town manager, attributed the problem to delayed delivery by the post office.

The bills were issued on October 1, according to the town, but sometimes didn’t reach households until after October 15, which was the due date.

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As a result, the town has decided to extend the deadline until Sunday, October 31.  All accounts that are not paid by Wednesday, November 3 (at 8:00 a.m.) will be subjection to disconnection, according to the town.

“The process of monthly billing is new to Elon but brings us in line with other municipalities and allows for easier budgeting by our customers,” say Roedner.

“However,” he adds, “we have seen a very large number of delinquent accounts this month and want to make sure people have the opportunity to pay their bill before being disconnected.”

Roedner suggests that residents either pay online at townofellon.com or by using one of two drop boxes at town hall.

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