Graham city manager gets 5%, $8,100, raise

Graham’s city council is apparently pleased with the performance of city manager Megan Garner.

The council voted 5-0 to hike Garner’s pay by $8,100, or 5 percent, from $162,000 to $170,100, after an almost one-and-a-half closed session at the end of last Tuesday’s monthly council meeting.

Garner’s contract with the city calls for an annual review each May.

Meanwhile, the council also considered the performance of its attorneys, Bob Ward, who serves as a Burlington city councilman, and his law partner, Bryan Coleman.

Mayor Jennifer Talley announced that the council is now committed to making the two attorneys part-time city employees, rather than contract workers for the city.

While part-timers do not qualify for benefits, she said that the council is inclined to change their employment arrangement with the city.

She said the council will determine the compensation, now $87,360, at the council’s next meeting on June 11.