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LGBTQ book displays at ABSS and public libraries draw concerns, particularly when aimed at young children

Parents express concerns about displays in ABSS schools, including elementary schools, and at May Memorial Library, especially those aimed at young children; see 3-part story in this week’s (June 30, 2022) edition:


* Mamie and Anthony Brooks have alternated taking turns expressing concerns to school board several times, highlighting their concerns about age-appropriateness of some LGBTQ books available in ABSS school libraries, particularly at the elementary school level.  See a list of which ABSS schools elementary, middle, and high schools have which books available: https://alamancenews.com/couple-to-continue-expressing-concerns-to-school-board/


* Three mothers express concerns about LGBTQ display in or near Children’s section of May Memorial Library: https://alamancenews.com/mothers-question-age-appropriateness-of-lgbtq-display-at-may-memorial/

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* Public library head says recent display at May Memorial was part of themed display, which rotates messages: https://alamancenews.com/library-head-display-is-part-of-themed-display-for-june/

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