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Mebane resident tells city council: LED street lights are too bright

New street lights put up along Wilba Road where she lives are too bright, Mebane resident Mary McFarland told Mebane’s city council this week.

Mebane resident Mary McFarland

The LED-style lights are “too white” and provide “too much light,” she told the council. “I can no longer go out in my front yard and look up and see the heavens,” she said.

She also questioned how it had happened without citizens knowing about it.  “It seems to have happened without much discussion,” she said.

Councilman Tim Bradley responded that the new lighting had resulted from a concern about there not being enough light “for safety” in the area approaching the downtown.

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McFarland also cautioned that as the leaves come off trees, the lights are “going to be even brighter.”

McFarland suggested that shields or other options should be undertaken to stop the bright glare of the lights.

The council took her concerns under advisement, but did not commit to making any changes.

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