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Most rural fire districts seek to leave revenue neutral tax rates behind


In addition to her recommended property tax rate for the county, Alamance County’s manager Heidi York has presented the county’s board of commissioners with a dozen other proposed levies on behalf of the rural fire districts that crisscross much of the county.

These proposed tax rates, which would be tacked onto the county’s own property tax for property owners in each fire district, have come to the county manager with the blessing of either the rural fire department or the municipality that provides fire protection in these 12 jurisdictions.

In each case, York has passed the suggested figures on to the commissioners without any adjustments on her part – along with the current tax rate for each district as well as the “revenue neutral” rate that each district would need to offset the financial bump from the county’s latest revaluation. With the exception of the proposed rate for District 54 East, the suggested levies for all of these districts exceed the revenue neutral projections by anything from a quarter of a penny to more than 1.5 cents.

The proposed rates are presented in the table to the right along with the current levies and the revenue neutral estimates for each of the 12 districts:

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