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Sheep goes on the lam in Elon


The wild and wooly saga of a runaway sheep has been the talk of the town in Elon, which recently became an unwitting haven for this four-legged fugitive.

For several days, this ovine visitor reportedly roamed the town’s suburban lawns, mingling with holiday decorations and turning the heads of bewildered residents.

The sheep’s exploits even received some official recognition during a town council meeting on Tuesday. That night, Elon’s town manager Richard Roedner recalled his own close encounter with the free-range beast, which he admitted he initially mistook for a hyper-realistic Christmas decoration. Another sheep sighting was also reported by councilman Monti Allison, who subsequently provided this picture of the untethered farm animal to The Alamance News.

Roedner went on to inform the council that the escaped sheep had been recaptured prior to that evening’s proceedings. He was unable to say, however, what had become of the critter – whether it was reunited with some bereaved Bo Peep or simply turned into mutton.

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