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THE PUBLIC ASKS: How is it not dangerous to for athletes to be in locker rooms at schools with mold?

QUESTION: Every Alamance-Burlington high school had a home game last Friday night (September 1). How is it not dangerous for athletes to be in locker rooms at schools? Specifically, Cummings, Eastern, Graham, Southern, Western, and Williams high schools have all been identified as having mold issues.

ANSWER: “Last weekend the teams on both sides [including home and visitor teams] used the field houses that were cleared,” ABSS superintendent Dr. Dain Butler said Wednesday in an interview with The Alamance News.

“We’re also partnering with the following groups: Grace Christian Academy, Harvest Baptist, and Southeast High School auxiliary gym, as needed,” the superintendent added.

Those alternative locations, he said, are being used in place of the locker rooms at high schools that are contaminated with toxigenic black mold and were chosen due to their proximity to the affected high schools, as well as the two churches’ willingness to help.

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“I believe all of the equipment was removed prior to this happening,” Butler told the newspaper.

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