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Burlington announces latest round of corridor improvement grants


The city of Burlington has awarded over $70,000 in grants to three businesses that are situated along thoroughfares that the city hopes to spruce up in order to make them more alluring for private development.

These three newly-minted grantees, which the city officially announced Wednesday, represent the latest batch of businesses to benefit from a so-called “priority corridors” program that the city established in the summer of 2023.

This program, which received the city council’s blessing as part of the city’s latest annual budget, aims to leverage private investment in order to improve the aesthetic appeal of certain, downtrodden sections of Maple Avenue, East Webb Avenue, and North Church Street. Businesses that apply for this program can ultimately receive up to $30,000 toward projects within the general vicinity of these throughfares. The program also requires grant recipients to dip into their own pockets to match any funds they receive from the city.

The city has identified the latest beneficiaries of this initiative as Dynamic Electric Supply of 315 North Church Street; Kool Kidz Place of 1824 East Webb Avenue; and Maria H Oropeza-Brisen, a local restaurateur who plans to set up a new Mexican eatery at 2405 North Church Street.

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According to the city, Dynamic Electric Supply has been awarded a grant for $22,947.88 in order to overhaul a parking lot that promises to “improve the long-term durability and visibility” of the business from North Church Street.

315 North Church Street

Meanwhile, SKN Investment Properties, the owner of Kool Kidz Place, has been cleared to receive $30,000 to expand its existing operations along Webb Avenue. According to the city, these funds will enable the property owner to “completely renovate” an adjacent “derelict building” with a “new interior layout, windows, siding, plumbing, flooring, and more.”

1826 East Webb Avenue

The third grant approved in this round of allocations consists of another $30,000 that will enable Oropeza-Brisen to install a grease trap and kitchen drainage system in a new brick-and-mortar restaurant that she plans to establish along North Church Street to accompany a food truck she has operated for the past decade.

2405 North Church Street

These funding allotments were reportedly approved by the city’s municipal staff after an “extensive” review of the applications that the city received for the priority corridors program. These allocations follow three earlier awards of $10,218.50 to Nancy and Ray Mekhtarian; and $30,000 apiece to Paredes Properties and Bootstrap Capital Investments.

All told, these six grants come to $153,166.38 – or just over half of the $300,000 that the city council had set aside for the priority corridor program in the city’s current annual budget.

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