Ellison receives quilting award

Mrs. Lillian Ellison was given the inaugural award in her name, “Lillian Ellison Award for the Preservation of the Art of Quilting,” at the Art Feeds the Soul Quilt Show on Wednesday, March 6.

Mrs. Ellison has been a quilt maker for over 50 years, a quilt shop manager, quilt educator, and a tireless cheerleader for the art and craft of quilting. During the 40 years she has lived in Alamance County, she has taught numerous quilters of all skill levels through her classes at Alamance Community College and The Village at Brookwood.

She has been a member of Alamance Piece-makers Quilt Guild for over 30 years, participating in its missions of teaching, charitable work, and fellowship. Lillian has helped to kindle and nurture the flame of quilt making in our community, and for this reason was presented with the award named in her honor.