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Elon University gets zoning approval for research farm in Burlington

Burlington’s city council has signed off on a rezoning request that will allow Elon University to maintain and expand a “research farm” that it currently operates on Burlington’s side of the border with Elon.

The council unanimously voted in favor of this request on Tuesday and, in doing so, explicitly designated the farm’s 19.6-acre site for “college and university” purposes.

Located at 2635 West Front Street, this property had previously been split into a mishmash of development zones, which didn’t necessarily allow for the site’s long-time use as a teaching farm.

Brad Moore, the university’s chief in-house architect, informed the council that he and his colleagues would like the property’s designation to be more compatible with its existing use. Moore also acknowledged that the university may eventually expand this operation – a prospect that he had previously told the city’s planning and zoning commission could include the construction of housing for students who work on the farm.

Brad Moore of Elon University
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The council ultimately voted 5-to-0 to approve the university’s rezoning request.

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