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Graham city council approves rezoning for 85 new homes in Rogers Springs subdivision


Graham’s city council voted unanimously, 5-0, Tuesday night to approve a rezoning request for 85 single family homes that will be built in the fourth and final phase of construction for the Rogers Spring subdivision off Rogers Road.

The developer, Clayton Properties Group of Charlotte, had originally asked for 92 single-family homes to be built in the fourth phase of construction of the subdivision but later reduced the number to 85 homes.

Various phases of the subdivision have already been built, and the developer came forward last summer with the proposal to rezone the site from R-18 to R-9, with a conditional permit, to allow for construction of 92 single-family homes on 53.9 acres.

That latest iteration, in December, met with pushback from Graham’s mayor, Jennifer Talley, who has consistently opposed what she considers to be subdivisions that are “too dense,” compared to other subdivisions nearby.

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When the fourth phase of the plan first came before the city council in August, Talley asked that the developers revise it to reduce the density, and she expressed surprise last month when the item reappeared on the city council’s agenda but without what she considered any trimming of that density.

Developers’ representatives with Shugart Homes said that lots had been made somewhat larger, with 28 percent of them being 12,000 square feet or more.

That shift drew fire from Talley, who said the proposed 63-foot lot widths, were long and still too dense. She also said that the subsequent reduction in the number of proposed houses was largely due to an unbuildable portion of the site, which is situated in wetlands.

The new plan, which the council approved Tuesday night, calls for 85 single-family homes, all of which will have at least front lot widths of 70 feet.

Talley also got the developer’s representative, Jason Young, to ensure that there will be at least 12 feet between homes.

Inasmuch as the model chosen for the final sections is no more than 44 feet wide, Young said that would not be a problem.

The council approved the modified rezoning plan 5-0 and also unanimously approved an annexation for the 53.9-acre site.

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