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How long does it take for ABSS to respond to work orders for grounds repair?


[Editor’s Note: in the print edition for January 11, there is an error in which another Public Asks question and answer were repeated on page 6 in lieu of containing the proper question and answer information below.]

QUESTION: How long does it take the Alamance-Burlington school system to respond to work orders to repair dangerous conditions on their athletic fields?  There is a sinkhole behind home plate at Williams High School that ABSS has been made aware of for more than six months.  Two athletic directors, a principal, and a coach have made requests for it to be filled in.

ANSWER:  The Alamance News was told by a coach who was on the baseball field at Williams High School late Monday afternoon that the sinkhole had just been filled – which he attributed to the inquiries the newspaper had made to the ABSS administration earlier that day.

Contrary to the questioner’s description, ABSS public information officer told the newspaper earlier Monday afternoon that the school system’s administration had been “made aware on November 17” of the sink hole, through a work order that Williams High School had submitted at the time to the ABSS facilities maintenance division.

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“The hole has been probed to analyze cause and course of action,” the public information officer elaborated.  “There was a golf course there years ago.  There is a drain pipe in the area.  We’re determining if erosion around the drain pipe caused the sinkhole.”

Asked when the sinkhole would be filled, Atkins said the administration was working on it. “At this point,” he said, “funding for repairs is also a concern.  Our maintenance staff works hard to address repair requests as quickly as possible.

“However, with a small [maintenance] team and many buildings to cover, some issues understandably take longer to fix than we’d like,” the public information officer added.  “Lack of adequate funding from the county continues to be an issue.  We continue to make the case for increased funding to provide the level of maintenance our aging facilities require.”

The spring baseball season for ABSS is currently started to begin next month, with the first official practice set for February 14 and a scrimmage game set for February 17, Atkins confirmed for the newspaper Monday.  The baseball season officially begins February 26 and runs through May 3.

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