Graham police nab three 14-year-olds in vehicle stolen from Burlington

Police in Graham have announced the arrests of three 14-year-olds who were allegedly caught tooling around in a car that had been stolen from a Burlington residence on Friday.

According to Graham’s police department, the owner of this vehicle was able to track down his stolen conveyance on Saturday and managed to follow it into Graham’s municipal limits.

At some point, the vehicle’s three occupants realized they were being pursued, and they reportedly jettisoned the ill-gotten wheels near the dead end of Climax Street.

According to the police department, officers from both Graham and Burlington set up a perimeter near this location and began to search for the juvenile suspects using trained dogs. They eventually “flushed out” the teenagers along Queen Anne Street in Burlington, which set off a brief foot chase with members of Graham’s municipal police force.

The city’s police officers ultimately caught up with the teenagers – all of three of whom were taken into custody. According to the police department, juvenile petitions have since been filed against all three of the suspects for the alleged possession of a stolen vehicle as well as for resisting, delaying, or obstructing law enforcement. Two of the youngsters also face additional charges for firearms found in their possession – one of which had apparently been stolen.

According to the police department, the three 14-year-olds have been released to their parents, who were contacted shortly after their capture on Saturday.