Retired judge is latest appointee to Burlington’s Community Police Advisory Team

Burlington’s city council has signed off on a couple of additional appointments to a new advisory board that it established last fall in order give the city’s police department a direct line to the community.

The council filled the bulk of the seats on this so-called Community Police Advisory Team in February, although it left four of the 20 positions open in order to solicit additional candidates with professional or demographic backgrounds that were absent from the original applicant pool. The council instructed city staff members to search for a retired judge, an educator, and two people under the age of 18 to serve in these remaining positions.

During Tuesday’s council meeting, the staff reported back to the council with prospective candidates for two of the four vacant positions. The council went on to appoint Rob Johnson, who previously served on the superior court bench, to a one-year term as the advisory team’s resident retired judge and Joshua Lopez to a one-year term in the slot reserved for an educator.

The council’s members made no appointments to the other two vacancies for lack of suitable candidates.

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