Shots fired Easter night at event center results in investigation, charges, revocation of ABC permits

Easter Sunday night was apparently raucous at an event center, Victorious Event Center, 2371 Corporation Parkway in Burlington, according to the Burlington police department and the Alcohol Law Enforcement (ALE) agency.

On Sunday, April 4, 2021, Burlington’s police department responded to the center for numerous physical fights and a call for shots fired, according to a recitation of problems at the event center that night.

Alcohol Law Enforcement (ALE) was notified of the violent event by the police Burlington plice department and immediately began investigating the incident.

ALE special agents found:

  • the permittee, Soupha Luangsy, 72, of Graham, failed to superintend the business on that date (Easter Sunday);
  • the managers, Sophron Theng, 45, and Thipphakone Vannavong, 41, both of Graham, were both charged with allowing violations to occur on ABC licensed premises, possession of spirituous liquor for sale without an ABC permit, and unauthorized possession of spirituous liquor; and
  • security guard Jermaine White, 36, of Greensboro, was charged with performing armed security without a license.

A report was submitted to the ABC Commission for the incident, and on Friday, April 9, 2021, Victorious Event Center’s ABC permits were permanently rejected. ALE announced the action in a press release Wednesday afternoon.

“ALE special agents prioritize investigations where a violent event has occurred at an ABC-licensed business,” said Mike Klingenschmidt, Special Agent in Charge of the Greensboro district. “Our aim is to hold those locations accountable in order to keep patrons and the public safe.”

According to the agency, ALE’s 109 specially-trained agents have the authority to arrest and take investigatory action throughout North Carolina; their primary responsibility is the enforcement of Alcoholic Beverage Control, tobacco, state lottery and gambling laws.