Monday, June 24, 2024

114 West Elm Street
Graham, NC 27253
Ph: 336.228.7851

SPECIAL REPORT: The Pines Apts. in Graham: growing concern for law enforcement over drugs, guns, gangs    


            When three residents were arrested for attempting to interfere with police during a routine traffic stop that occurred on April 21 at The Pines Apartments off Ivey Road in Graham, it revealed just the tip of the iceberg of problems Graham police have been facing at the complex over the past two years.

Miscellaneous gun shots at the complex have gone into apartments and shattered windows in parked cars, even left glass shards and bullet fragments in and around a baby seat in the back of one. Residents openly carrying and displaying handguns is commonplace.

More than 200 calls have brought police to the apartment complex and surrounding area in just the past 14 months.

Read each of these stories in this week’s (April 28) edition of The Alamance News and online at

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Graham Police: Pines Apts. has become hot spot for crimes involving guns, drugs, and gangs:

            Latest episode: Routine traffic stop results in apt. residents trying to interfere with police; three arrested –

            Serious charges involving previous incidents at the apartment complex:

            Some “regulars” have serious criminal records:

            Covid eviction moratorium has prevented expulsion of criminal characters from the complex:

            Community policing is Graham police chief’s focus:


Cherry Lane could another warehouse proposal, and this one wouldn’t need rezoning approval:

Council adopts new water and sewer budget with rate hikes that take effect May 1:

When is $2.00 an hour raise MORE than $2.00 an hour?  Council wants discrepancies fixed:

Fire (sub)station put on hold:

Mayor hoping to get company to cut back proposed recycling rate hikes:

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