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Sheriff’s office: Mebane man allegedly helped his older brother bury body of murder victim from New York

A man from Mebane has been arrested after he allegedly helped his brother bury the body of a woman who his brother is accused of killing in upstate New York.

According to the office of Alamance County’s sheriff, Ronnie Pulliam has been charged as an accessory after the fact to the murder of Lori Lynn Campbell, who vanished from Patterson, New York in late March.

Lori Lynn Campbell, from Missing Persons poster by Putnam County sheriff’s office, New York, last month.

A 56-year-old black male of 5058 Mrs. White Lane in Mebane, Ronnie Pulliam is accused of helping his older brother Dwight dispose of Campbell’s body in a shallow grave near the northwestern corner of Alamance County.

Ronnie Pulliam

Dwight Pulliam had reportedly brought Campbell’s remains to North Carolina with the aid of another man named Gregory Garland, who had also allegedly assisted with the body’s disposal.

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According to the U.S. Department of Justice, Dwight Pulliam allegedly killed Campbell because he suspected her of stealing from a crack cocaine business he operated between New York and Connecticut. The 59-year-old black male, who goes by the sobriquet “Doc,” reportedly established this enterprise after he completed a 24-year prison sentence for murder in December of 2020.

According to the Justice Department, Dwight Pulliam described the details of Campbell’s murder to an unnamed co-conspirator, who subsequently shared this information with the authorities. The co-conspirator recalled that the elder Pulliam had more or less confessed to the crime when he asked him to help move the deceased woman’s car on March 29.

“Pulliam told his co-conspirator that…[he] confronted Campbell, that Campbell tried to leave but Pulliam did not let her do so, and that Campbell started screaming,” the federal agency later recounted in a news release. “Pulliam then told his co-conspirator that he ‘stopped her from screaming’ and that this was not the first time he had ‘done this.’”

Pulliam reportedly forced the co-conspirator to move Campbell’s body in her own Honda Accord, and he allegedly threatened to kill the co-conspirator if he demurred. According to the Justice Department, the two men then transported the body to Pulliam’s mother’s house in North Carolina, where they got lime, shovels, and a plastic sheet that they used to bury the corpse in a shallow grave at the end of a cul-de-sac.

According to the Justice Department, law enforcement officers discovered Campbell’s remains on April 19 with the assistance of Pulliam’s unnamed co-conspirator. Two days later, Dwight Pulliam was arrested for Campbell’s murder in Connecticut, while his brother was charged as an accessory on the same day.

According to the office of Alamance County’s sheriff, Ronnie Pulliam was confined to the county jail on April 21 under a $500,000 bond. Records indicated that he was released the following day, having presumably met the amount of the bond.

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