Council approves request to rebuild S. Church St. Biscuitville

Burlington’s city council has approved a rezoning request that will enable the Biscuitville restaurant chain to rebuild one of its local eateries from scratch in its current location.

During a regularly-scheduled meeting on Tuesday, the council unanimously voted in favor of the proposed zoning change at 1700 South Church Street, which has long been home to a Biscuitville restaurant that boasts a unique hexagonal footprint.

This eatery’s 1.1-acre site had previously been split into three zoning districts, which the council agreed to consolidate into a single, new designation that calls for general business use.

Burlington’s planning and zoning commission had unanimously endorsed this rezoning request when it considered the matter in August. Before the commission rendered its decision, Jesse Lester, a representative of the property owner, told its members that the restaurant chain intends to “tear down and rebuild a newer Biscuitville on that same property.”

Another company representative predicted that this project should come to fruition in 2022.

The new Burlington location at 1700 South Church Street will be similar in style to the company’s redesigned at its South Main Street location in Graham (shown here).

The council, for its part, voted 5-to-0 for the rezoning request after a mandated public hearing drew nary a peep from the city’s residents.

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